Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If the bed without a mattress in a dream is a journey, because his name from the word BIOS. It was said It is the wife saw it on a bed Vserga him something he had got out of his hand, although the weakness of his power and authority strengthened. And if he sees it on a bed and mattress it, it is louder and the elevation gain and a male on a people hypocrites.If the sole of his foot in it travels with the men hypocrites.
and saw that it was on a bed in a good place and won the state and attributed the elevation.The bed and sleep it all what it shows on the wife’s vision and Mmaen. It was said that the bed shows what one pleased him, and shows every Markob from a ship or a wife or loader or the coffin as it Almnaya bed. It is frequently his bed in a dream that his power was gone king, and the isolation that was governor, and the difference was that his wife, protuberance, or if the patient died, or if her husband is the patient. May indicate the face of the bed on the back of the husband and wife.
It felt himself on a bed is unknown, and therefore find it, King bed, and sat only a high council. The bachelor was married. And that his wife was pregnant and I was born a boy.But saw that it was sitting on a bed mattress, it does not have to die or to travel, even if patients died. But saw that it was on a bed. The woman with him is with pleasure and let him in, and probably is located between them and the evil of contention. The woman saw her husband do not carry it home to bed, they get married.
It felt, to focus his bed and was sick it is proof of his recovery from his illness.


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