Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is the muezzin, a man in a dream by the Sultan. The bell is better if the owner was in the necks of cattle.
and perhaps indicated by the travel. The bell indicates the Christians to the world that guide the tasks or discounts.
and perhaps indicated by the living and the war and prayer. The bells of Christians employers news or the owners of the advice and opinion.
and perhaps indicates the bells on the heads of the call to prayer, or preparedness to meet the enemy.
and perhaps Del hear the sound of bells in a dream on the arrival of convoys ones for, or move from side to side.
and perhaps indicates the bells on the books copied or laws of the early , or on the litigation and controversy.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Bell: (Cow bell; Sleigh bell) Possessing small bells in a dream means a fight, an argument or vain talk known of the person holding them. Seeing a bell in a dream represents the announcer or the forerunner of a ruler. Generally speaking seeing a bell in a dream means that someone will bring glad tidings. If the bell is roped around the neck of an animal in the dream, it means travel. The bells of a church represent people one can seek their advice and follow their opinion. Bells in a dream also represent calling to prayers or preparing to meet one’s enemies, or they could mean the arrival of a caravan or a shipment. Bells in a dream also represent abrogated books of revelations or tampering with God’s revelations or they could represent past traditions. (Also see Hand bell)


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