Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream a man who is fun and fairy tales, people laugh from it, and shows the male child.
It is considered that the slaughter of a bird failed him he was born a weak fear of death. It was said that the bird shows a man angry with, a lot of money, a crook in the presidency of things. And the bird shows a woman beautiful. And the sounds of birds indicate good words or the study of science. Birds and the many funds for those who tirelessly Moualem in a dream. The bird man of great cod, it is felt that hit a bird or his property, it can a great man of God, is of the opinion that it slaughtered he gains what he wanted from this man. And if he sees that plucking of feathers or eating of his flesh, it affects his money.
It felt that in his hand or in his cage a bird then flew no longer to die and his son.
It felt that sews the eyes of birds, it deceives the boys and plotted them.
It is believed that the bird entered in the The ring had a child it drops into a well.
is of the opinion that it belongs to many sparrows Atamol and it follows the mandate of the people of the dangers of them. And birds indicate to the meeting and intimacy and love with family and relatives at weddings or sin and defeat and division. [See bird].


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