Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream on the faces of various Valkhbz White indicates the livelihood and living comfortable mount happiness. And black bread evidence has found to live in, and said loaf all indicates a hold of the money can be either alpha or a hundred or ten on the amount if the seer and what it deserves. Bread and bitter over life. Sweet bread and expensive in price if the honey or sugar. And eat the bread he eats honey Baladhirh candle. And the finest bread Hofrena mature. A D to Islam, because the column of religion and strength of spirit and life of the soul, and perhaps indicates that life, and the money by the strength of the soul. Perhaps Del loaf on the admonition and the matter, and perhaps indicated by the parent educator in which the Salah al-Din and the maintenance of women, and bread purified from D. to live pure science pure and beautiful woman is white.
It felt that divides bread among the people or the weak and had students from science, it undermines the science what he needs to, was a preacher was preaching and commandments, but that the people who took it believed him over it, and charity dirt people.
It felt dead to pay the bread, it is money or livelihood come to him from the hand of others.
It felt bread above the clouds or above ceilings or on the high sieving it to extremes, as well as sales and other foods. Saw the like in the ground trodden legs it great prosperity leads to arrogance. Who saw dead taking his loaf, or saw him hit him in the fire, or in the toilet, or in the tar, and was Btala is heresy called it, and the temptation is where people, Valrgev religion, though he had a sick woman perished, it was weak religion spoiled.
It felt that he bakes bread, he seeks the application to request a pension benefit Daúmaz the bread quickly won the state and got his money. Qilk per loaf and fertile and pool, and Rizk present, may have sought other. But felt a lot of loaves is eaten by the brothers met. If the barley is Andahrgev live moodiness, but felt it was dry loaf proposing in his living, though I give a piece of bread Voklha indicated by the entry into force of age and expiration, the taking of the summit, the greedy man. And the Single Argev wife. Bread and clean mature of the Sultan is justice and fairness, and the manufacturer advised him in his industry. And corn bread and hummus tight and the high cost price. And if the bread on the garbage it is licensed. Bread and the broad livelihood and broad and long life. The bread shows go carefree. Barley bread and those who do not usually eaten him tight and expensive price because it is eaten in the price rises. Hot bread and hypocrisy of the Rizk and suspicion, because the fire remain in it.
It felt loaf hanging in his forehead, his poverty and his need for it. And bread Almtakerj a lot of money, does not work the owner does not result in the mosque. And bread in a narrow pale pension to eat because it is not only compelled Abzh.
It felt like eating bread without Edam it gets sick and lonely, and die alone. And the bread that did not mature indicates a high fever. And fairy bread to the poor and disease missed what they expect it was said It shows the boy. And eat bread, tortillas capacity of livelihood, and it was said that a baking sheet Palace of age or a little profit.
It felt that his hand Rakkaktin eat this and this, it combines the two sisters. Many bread and profit. Rusks and muffins and health of the body. And bread mold permits, and if it became his wings go to extremes. The broken bread and fertile capacity and gain Hene. And bread spouse or child or on a full or AED. And the ground of the bread indicates that poverty Kafattat. Cakes and travel and entry to those who do not eat Ikdraly evidence of bile and worry and distress. Travel and tortillas, and perhaps to facilitate del hard, soft, and it Ezz, and the ground of evil. And bread mold corruption in religion, and apostasy from Islam, and the corruption case of the wife.And fragments of different function on the profits of the charity or showing off. Pulp bread beneficial knowledge and sincerity in speech and action. And cobalt hypocrisy and flattery and hypocrisy.



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