Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream woman or man of his daughter, Fjmalh beauty, corruption and corruption.
and saw a woman hanging from her nipples, they commit adultery, and give birth to a son without her husband. The man saw the nipple for us, the poor, was sacked, although not married indicated that he will be born to him children. If it considers it a young woman indicated that they will be charged and that her pregnancy is, albeit a rich Thiebh lacked, and damage to her money. Though aware of a virgin on her wedding del. Though small far from the time of marriage is indicated on her death.
Ertda and saw that it was not a woman you know that Del knows that he will get sick a long illness, but to have a pregnant woman that it indicates that it has one. The woman who saw this vision and a daughter was born. Opinion whatsoever on the mammalian bones had ordered them from the moderation and good Mnzerhma they demonstrate to his children and things owned. And if he saw them stuck evidence of the death of his children.
It felt that he had no children, this indicates the lack and sadness, especially against women.
In lactating indicates the prospects for those who are fed. Big tits and shows such as what is indicated by the breast bone may. This is indicated in women’s immorality.
It felt as if the breast beating his chest, this indicates that the appellants in the Age that the bad news comes to him from some of the known. Though he was young men and women, this shows the love.
It felt as if his Tdia great and one has reached the pubic he commits adultery mahram, or marry a marriage is haraam, and breasts in a dream two girls, what happened two Vtaoelh in girls.
is of the opinion that had nourished him breast-feed with the increase of girl.
It is felt that the lack of his breast, that the death of his daughter. In the breast milk and an increase in the money and D on the child, it is felt that in mammals it is an honor for us to increase the minimum yield to him or anyone who is owned by. As well as in women, what was the yield of milk man breastfeeds the child, it locked up, and closes the door of it, it does not harm the Rada, the shame and sorrow. And it was said that he saw the man in the nipple for us, the bachelor, was married and gives birth to his son. If he is poor is indicated by Bishara, though he was a youth indicates that the length of his age. And the young woman if it considers it is evidence of her pregnancy and maternity leave, and the length of breast man so Adharba chest guide to the liking of the socks in God. Before the death of children is a guide, it did not have a del Born of poverty and sadness. And the length of a woman’s breasts above the evidence so sad. Man breast and D on the merits and position, and he falls sick, and well-being.
and perhaps Del breast men brothers and friends, and boys and couples who do not benefit from them. A woman’s breasts and evidence to the contrary for the livelihood of God. The view that women Ktda nipple, milk dripping from it indicates that it is based on his family, and touch what is needed in women, such as putting, and perhaps indicates that the debt, or get a disease in which people are embarrassed, it saw him so famous. The. Became a breast copper or iron is indicated by the boys and the disruption of the reasons or pregnancy. And breast Alnahd husband, and Alnhd the infertile woman born after the despair of it.
and perhaps Del Alnhd of Baker on what is adorning herself from Jihad or clothes or money. And Alnhd to the child or the child ailments and diseases and sores. Breast and one for single women marriage, came down from the water or milk lost her son or her sister. And breast of a prostitute. The ostrich eggs across the breast, or citron.Breasts may be owned, and it was said they were father and mother. And breast to bottle wine Edla if there is milk. It was breast cream man.


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