Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Shows in a dream on the need and orphanhood, damage and change the mood, the saw a woman that she breastfeeds a man they lock the world to them, or detaining, because breastfeeding Calcgen to leave the child the breast.
It felt that breastfeeding a child after weaning, it imprisoned or sick or closed by a door. Breastfeeding and Sidon, or Artda it receives from the severity of God and then released him.
It felt that in mammals it to us Musharraf to increase the minimum manage his breastfeeds the child unless one, the Ardah There is no good for the Rada. The woman saw that the man of her milk Artda it takes from her pocket as much as taken from the milk she dislikes. And the patient if he considers that he is feeding it recovers from his illness.

meanings by Al ahsaai


See breastfeeding

As for breastfeeding, it is felt that no one is feeding from the nipple is not good in the Rada and the nursing is of the opinion that breastfeeding breast woman it ill if a woman saw a man Artda her milk it takes of her wealth to the extent that she dislikes and that it considered suckling from her breast, to us it is a legacy of her daughter although it considered breastfeed from the breast man no good if breastfed from the breast of another woman is subject to dispute, and the infant penis is good for the Rada and breastfeeding women and get better and eliminate the need and the members of The Dr. is good for the Rada and the best in which nursing is of the opinion that it is feeding an animal is to get money and the benefit and some of them said to see breastfeeding for money, the it was a human being or animal is not eaten meat is haraam wealth but from an animal whose meat is eaten it is old and was of the view that breastfeeding a child or nursed him it locked up and receive the intensity and said some of them felt that suckle from the breast of his mother is For pride, rank, and saw that it was cruising on women and breasts, it sucks man loves sodomy

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