Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If the canon in a dream of iron is indicated by a woman of the household of valiant and strong. Although it is zero, it is the household of the owners of this world and its adornments luggage. Although it is wood, it is the household of the owners of luggage including hypocrisy. Though it is the people of Plaster House Michpehin Pharaohs.Although it is clay, it is the owners of the household of faith. The canon evidence on the state.
and saw a fire burning in the oven or December, this indicates that the children of his vision. Canon and shows the values ​​of the house, it is felt that kindles a fire in January without food, it irritates the words of a man who gossip or antagonism. If the value of the house much Valcanon her husband. Canon may indicate the wife and the husband is much to burn a Pklamha Atqly and turning in boiling points. And canon if devoid of the fire is indicated by worry and bile, and if the fire is meet their needs and livelihoods.
and perhaps Del canon on the OS and the platform and a chair bleeding following childbirth, and demonstrates the things done and to facilitate the difficult, and perhaps indicated by the father or mother or a woman pregnant, or house for those who inflicted.
Perhaps del canon on the month of December. It is the king saw Kanon married or if single, and that was a kaafir becomes Muslim, though he is an evildoer repents, because it is the fire, and fire to intimidate and guidance.



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