Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Shows in a dream to people cohabiting mixtures. A large town to the king and the joys and pleasures. And play chess and dice and heels cunning and deception, and dispute.
It felt as playing chess, he has a number despicable. And chess that do not play by the men are isolated, which plays out the men and governors and that took off in his sleep Bivqa of his opponent to take on foot, and take a horse to take a knight, and took Villa to take the property Oagamaa.
It felt as playing chess, it seeks in the fighting and quarreling. And chess in a dream is false. But felt that he plays it mostly saw him as a vigilant opponent of what he saw in transcendence. And chess war and enmity, and to keep secrets, and movement from event to event, and the deviation in mood and travel. The Shah of chess which indicate his vision in a dream to the king.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Chess vision

 The chess world, it is baseless and arrogance.

 It felt: that he thinks he gains by the presumption that he is engaged unlawfully and requests it.

 It is it considers that: that he thought most concomitant, and was between him and him feud it sees fingernails are there on his command to It seems most likely Ghalib and knock-loser, and perhaps is indicated the vision of mostly on nails by order false and has no out of to him.

Ibn Sirin said: Chess and falsehood is false .

 It felt: that he has interpreted it Htranja Musfofa glory.

 It felt: he plays chess, it is broken with a reportedly shows is no good or benefit.

 It felt: he plays chess, it interpreted the state’s access to the players.

 It felt: he plays chess did not know how to game it is construed in three ways: to forget to pray and money in extravagance is not worthy of repulsion and Discussion of it because this prevents the three played in the canon.

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