Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Are in a dream woman foolish reckless beauty. And it was said is confidential or a maid. The ongoing slaughter of chickens married a virgin, and got caught Hina lawful money, and eat her flesh, it is alive and money from the captivity of Persians.
It felt chicken or Altauosh sap in his house is the owner of Playa and immorality. And it was said that the chicken feathers and money useful.
It is considered that the slaughter of a black hen he married a virgin. May be a chicken-raising orphans and women seeking them for charity is beneficial. And chicken Zlilat Mhinat women. And chicken Alrkadh with activity and originality, and chicken origin Alzbiljh dirty, and her brood of children of adultery.
and possibly shown to the chicken with the children, and their entry on the patient’s health and well-being. As well as chicken and chicken ears and moodiness evil and death.
and perhaps Del to enter the disease warning, or the disappearance of worries and joys, and demonstrate prosperity and blessings. The chicken was born, or to dress delightful, or Faraj, who was in the intensity.
It felt much chicken at home is indicated on the presidency and the richness and fear to go.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of the chicken

As for the chicken, it devolves on the ways:

Abu Said said the preacher: chicken devolves beautiful women .

Ibn Sirin said: the chicken show and a server running a house and their young Aúloa the children of slaves and servants .

It felt: that his chickens a lot, it shows the government will.

And the vision of meat and chicken feathers construed money and grace .

It felt: that the slaughter of chickens, it construed marry ongoing Bakr.

It felt: that chick chicken slaughter it shows the children of misfortune in his servant, or his concubine.

It felt: chickens achieved much importance, it is better and achieved a place of grace and construed House.

It felt: that the chickens came home then Badt Faúl to get that money from a beautiful woman.

It felt: he caught a chicken and her chicks get Caldyuk it was born.

In all, the vision of chicken interpreted in three ways: a beautiful woman and a slave server home.

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