Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



In the winter is the best of the summer.
It felt wore clothing that was not his habit, it lacks. Man head and clothing. Which the merchant and jurist, Imam is like the craft, which is protection from his poverty, and protect it from hardship.
It felt Peixaúh and Sakha has done in his living, and inconvenient in merit.
and saw a man Matuszha Peixa in the summer it Mottagml arrogant, a solicitous because the heat in the summer they are. Vary depending on Jawahrha cladding, colors and races. The woman saw the man by the clothes he is in favor of religion and the world. Although in the covering of the war was interpreted to her husband or their values. The man saw that he covering of women are afflicted and great fear, and submission and shame.

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