Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If the correspondence between the two categories in a dream in the war showed near-term, and the suppression of sedition, and follow the truth, and the patient’s death, victory or the oppressed. The man became a messenger in a dream indicates that the amount of lift. [See Almkatebh].

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Correspondence: (Affinity; Concord; Likeness) Exchanging correspondence be-tween two friends in a dream means longevity, for it means joining two destinies and it means comfort and happiness each one gets from his friend.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of books and correspondence

 The books and correspondence in the sense they are one in the science of expression, whether decrees or books, or readings, or the like, and little expression of each of them separately.

 It felt: he wrote a book and it completes and complements the command need be, if not complemented and could not do so it can not be the most skilled.

 It felt: that he gave it a book gain on the good and the power of all that is asked of the verse, “O Yahya take the book strongly.” It may be good writers, the news was hidden, it collapsed, though it is news of a famous pamphlet, though it is inevitable to achieve this news.

 It felt: he gave the book ownership scheme, it is something construed obtaining money.

 It felt: that the Sultan gave him a book or sent, if eligible for state obtained, although the advice is eligible for a consultation with him, although not eligible for it is better if at all.

 It felt: a book or sent, if eligible for state obtained, although the advice is eligible for a consultation with him, although not eligible for it is better for the event.

 It felt: a book in which to maximize the right is reported in grace.

 It felt: absent, sent him a book either come to him as it is news or offers him his own printing on books and instruments to achieve the interpretation attributed to him.

 It felt: it divides the people on the books, it follows the state.

 It felt: not writing a white paper which had been received from Mahmoud is not absent. It was the vision of the White Paper is not writing, it shall be construed in two ways: a need or request non-corroding.

 It felt: it was reported dead by the book and it shows Rudd is pleased to news that dead.

 It felt: his right hand a book, it indicates the fertile year.

 It felt: that enforced the inevitable book-to-human He repeated it to him it shows his face and defeat the army, even if the merchant has lost the vision in his business.

 It felt: it is a book with his left hand Balandama construed to do.

 It felt: that the book it shows in the North is born of adultery or wealth.

 It felt: that the book is sealed, it indicates the acceptance of the right to accept the Book of Solomon to Bilqis was inevitable. It was felt from reading or have sealed the title it is the best news of the pleasure, but were not sealed, but is wrapped it shows sadness.

 It felt: to publish it indicates the disappearance of worry and grief.

 It felt: read and responded to him sealed the title did not open them for it shows well and fill the apparent leaking otherwise.

 It felt: that he found reading written a big title then open the seal and read it testifies to the high command, although it is the people of the state obtained, though not from her family, it is increasing in pride and merit, and if it is not a book or a reader, but read it shows the increasing splendor and the state, and perhaps indicates that near to him the verse, “Read your book yourself are sufficient as a reckoner against you this day.”

 It felt: none of these things mentioned, and by writing good or evidence of human good and it is construed to reach the goals and hopes for Neil, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him.

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