Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of the saw in a dream to have a Board of preaching, which reminds people of it, and neither is Welcome. It is therefore in their disease. Spoke the words of righteousness and wisdom Faotah vulva and recover from his illness and to get out of tight capacity, or discharged from the religion of it, or supports on the unjust. The council, which he sees being in a place where God said it shows the reconstruction of that place with wisdom.
It felt a council in which a group of scientists, sitting in Sdarham was eligible for, he is aware of and increase the elevation. The Council saw the preaching is preaching when it ordered him to implement that was his preaching. And the Council in a dream is a job where he sits, and an animal that sits upon, and the Council is the wife and the boy and the server.
and saw that it was invited to the Council of the unknown and the fruit drink, it is called for jihad and martyrdom.

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