Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is a disaster in a dream, and dance to someone else, it shared in the calamity. And dance in his house alone and full of joy and that dance is not only satiety and arrogance. If the patient and concern many dance. And dance for children who do not fear the praise of him and that dumb dumb gesture of his hand, and the child if the dance gesture of his hand. And dancing on the high place of fear.
and saw that it was dancing inside his house and around his family alone, and not with them strange, it is better for the people all of them.
It felt that his wife or his son or a relative’s dance, this is good, and demonstrates the joy of Izz many. Dance and the patient indicates the length of his illness, was a man or a woman. The dance of women at a big scandal, rich or poor. Of walking and dancing in the sea in a ship indicates that the intensity is located. Fiqirgeny and dance does not last. Owned and dance indicates that it hits.



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