Seeing The dates In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The dates In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The dates In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi dates

Of dates saw in a dream is a symbol of rain, and those who eat it become pure livelihood in it, nor a share in it, and perhaps be interpreted to read the Koran and Ingmh in his religion. , Dates buried money savers, as well as reeds and publication dates dirhams not stay, and eat it Adakkl of dhimmis.
It is believed that the dates come to him and brought him money from men with threats, and Kilh of dates booty. Jenny and dates in his time he married a woman affluent honest, the unit, many good and the pool, or that the man affects men of money without the supervision of fatigue, and possibly hit a note. If the dates in his time it is heard by the note does not work. The deployment of Palm land on the same wet, it learns from a man a hypocrite note, though at the cloud or are Farajallah him the story of Mary {And shake the trunk of palm tree you fresh ripe dates upon} , the saw they eat dates Baktaran it takes possession of her husband, a divorced him secretly, and inheritance is haram. The man saw that he took a date, incising, out of which he intends it generates has a son.
and saw that it was harvested from palm trees black grape, his wife, the birth of a son and a black-owned. And dates explains Balrozk’m good.
and saw that it was a tireless dates well it hears words well, and receive the benefit of great.
It felt like a buried dates received the money from treasuries, or from the wealth of orphans, or stores money.
It felt as if he ate forty Tamra on the door of the Sultan, This was not time appearance dates, no time Astoaúh hit forty whip.
It felt as if he ate forty Tamra was in the time of maturity hit forty thousand dirhams.
It felt baskets of dates Noha fall from the stomachs of pigs, which brought and carried to his house, received the spoils of the money infidels, It felt like a suck on a date and give it to another Famusha it is known in the shared walking.
It felt like eating dates, he finds the sweetness of faith.
It felt like a date and get a slot he intends it by kicking a boy. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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