Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream world, and the Mufti and leader is the doctor. The doctor saw that his body Dawah is valid. And the doctor or the one man died, his doctor his mother died, and when he enters the doctor to the patient woke up from his illness, and if the income on the disease, especially if the proper description of him in a dream something useful. And maybe see a doctor is indicated on the output of Almkhbat Kalhaoa enemies that comes out of their nests.
and maybe see a doctor is indicated on the sweeper and remover and dirt and Alhmaz Allmaz and Almottagss on the news.
It felt it had become a doctor received a high position. And the doctor indicates that every reformer and Mdao to matters of religion and the world Kfiqih and the Governor, the preacher and polite, and Skinner, who serve as animal skin, and demonstrates the cupper, because cupping of healing.
and saw a doctor among the coffins should beware of it.
It felt a doctor became a tanner of leather is evidence Hzgah and the large number of recover at his hands, only to see that he is ignorant, corrupt Dbaghth mudallis.


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