Seeing The Dragon In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Dragon In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Dragon In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Dragon

Sultan is in a dream or unfair Mohab fire holocaust. And if the patient is indicated by a dragon on his death. And if you put women in a dream, a dragon and a boy was born and a time. Been because the dragon himself if he goes.
It felt as if dragon dragged in the water hit him from the dominion of death, or suffering of God, or of the President. Saw the transformation as if a dragon long life and received the sultan. Eating the flesh of the dragon received the money from the king.
del Dragon and possibly on a long time so as to length. The person sees as if he comes toward him is not harmful, as if giving him a thing or talked to him a tongue divorced it shows good many have.
and saw in a dream, a dragon is changing, be it man, it shows an army of jinn, the saw is changing and is it a woman, it indicates the feminine army of the jinn, a silencer enemy sees the heads of his hostility many in the arts of mediocrity and evil and bad. If his head, three or four heads that has seven heads, each head of the vertices and the type of calamity and evil, if not seven heads has become a counterpart in evil and enmity.
and saw that it was a dragon king it he gains a man who does not mind him. Pregnant women and if she sees as she was born a dragon gives birth to a son, glorious orator sprue tongue, or a son, a fortune-teller, or a priest or a thief or an evildoer evil. Dream Interpretation in Islam



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