Seeing The DRAM In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The DRAM In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The DRAM In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi DRAM

Shows a boy in a dream for those who have are pregnant. And it was said to indicate the male and praise, and demonstrates the painful beating. Some of them felt that the dirham is hit in a dream as it affects the number in vigilance. Although the DH in the bundle or in a bag or pouch keeps it a secret, it will be deposited to its owner. DH and talk shows, the horses, they were aware of and talk of good and spend a need or a prayer. And a number of dirhams number of acts of righteousness. And dirhams extensive show world wide.
It felt to Eddh dirhams tight they workmanship acquired.
It felt that his man dirhams, he has it right certificate, the he had given her broken deviated from the certificate.
It felt that missed the AED correctly advised the ignorant did not hear him because he missed the right things. And the sounds of dirhams and dinars show good words. And dirhams that are not inscribed with the words indicate the devout. And dirhams that the images show the holder to heresy and Dharbha. And dirhams chopped dispute does not expire. And the vision of taking the best of dirhams to pay it.
It felt that with ten dirhams, it became five missing money to that extent, although the five became ten dirhams increased his wealth to that extent. And dirhams clean purity of the religion of his vision and good treatment for everyone and DH strewn in a dream speech was good.
It felt his hand AED became fils afflicted bankruptcy, though his hand Fils became AED won profitable and good, and advice, and returned Darhamh half, it loses half of his money, as well as or returned a quarter. The dirham has become dinars it earns, and that the dirham has become a piece of gold is to go. And the presence of dirhams profit and pleasure. The DRAM Albehrj fraud and a lie and Mkhriqh and living in sin and coming to the haram. And it was said of the given AED horses he cried on him, but he paid dirhams to one cried it.
It felt that he lost his dirhams, or stole it, it complains about his son or fall ill, what he hates it.
and saw that it was snatched from him or he went with him back irreversible died his son. It stole dirhams in charity and tells what it does not hear. Some of them said in a vision of dirhams evidence evil, and all railway stamp, and dirhams bad words bad.And dirhams ointments heals the wounds of the heart, and prevents the Mahzon for sadness, and also reveal the concern. If the fake was a function of the fraud to say or act and hypocrisy at work. And the clear mandate of the DH or Korh or total capital, and show confinement, beatings, or on the sale and purchase, a security from fear, or in the capacity of living. If the dinars of dirhams mixed with the indicated answer prayer and spend the needs and the healing of diseases, including adulterated and bad words, or server is not better than, perhaps indicated by the judiciary needs violently. Dream Interpretation in Islam



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