Eagle Vision


Interpretation of Al zahri


Eagle Vision

But it is Mr. Eagle and most powerful birds in flight and lift it and its duration and the longest-lived sight.

It felt: that he held the eagle gave him or Vtaoelh Ktaoal punishment and for some it is for birds, and without punishment.

The vision of Eagle chicks devolve children of Njaba .

And the vision of flesh and bone and feathers to make Eagle rank, honor and money to get by Kings senior companions .

It felt: drive and an eagle flew by near the sky, it would be interpreted to travel a long and gets him to travel from that grace, honor and rank and money very much and spoil his religion. But felt that it fell down on his rank.

But felt that it no longer die in his travel .

But felt that he had returned from heaven to earth, as it rose construed obtaining the honor of the Sultan in his travel .

Although not eligible for this Fanalh honor of his relatives .

And if the vision of eagles without claws construed as the Angels bearers of the Throne in the image of Eagle .

It felt: as if to catch the eagle over his head, it indicates the trade seer.

It felt: Nsren chick and had a woman give birth a son, and were not a virgin woman Vizoj.

It felt: that the eagle on his head it hardens, and was told Eagle shows the king.

It felt: that the eagle came down Bmahlh it shows the king of the camp.

Some of them said that Eagle construed as human experience is what matters hidden in the story of Solomon son of David, peace be upon them .

In all, the vision of Eagle construed to eight aspects: the honor and ordered the entry into force of principality and praise and said good and tidy and ordered and forbidden.

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