Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream the king of birds, and lift it flying, and the longest-lived.
It felt eagle contested the authority angers him, and shall be by a man unjust, because Solomon peace be upon him and all the eagle on each bird was fear him.
It is felt that the king eagle obeyed hit a great king and honor and attributed. It hit an eagle chick born born to him and have a great view of that day he gets sick. Eagle and slaughtered indicates the death of the king of kings. If the pregnant woman and the eagle, they see the midwife and the nurse’s. Eagle and explains most of the Kings, and explains the prophets and the righteous. It is eating of meat or eagle feathers took something from it affects the money from Sultan. The eagle shows longevity, and money very much, and war.
and perhaps showed his vision on the innovation and misguidance, because Allaah says {and do not Agot not obstruct the eagle has many astray} .
and perhaps Del Eagle to jealousy on the family.
It is believed that the eagle from the sky fell by it does not be done for him and ordered him to pass away his power and his own.



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