Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



The ear is the subject of consciousness, which indicate to the child in a dream, money and position, and perhaps showed the ear to science and reason, religion and the king and the family and the clan who beautify their rights. Indicate the ear hearing aids, it is felt that the reputation has grown or improved, or that the light from outside or inside it, indicates that the gifts and obedience to God and accept his command.And that he saw in a dream, a small, poor, or that the smell it emits, it is indicated on an error on the right, and stand when what requires detestation of God. And cut off the ear evidence of corruption.
and possibly in excess of the indicated ear authorization for a person with Arovernm, the ear was good what was Arovernm good. And the large ears indicate on the arts of science, or that it does not prove a single case.
and possibly shown on the attached ear where the jewels, the ear has become one of the animals is still authorized by the office, and decreased denied him, his mind and sag. And if he sees that he makes his fingers in his ears to his death indicates that an innovator, but the seer heresy and error, and then saw that it was making his fingers in his ears indicated that upon his death, and his determination to leave what is the perpetrator, or that it become a muezzin. And authorized the King is a spy. It was Ear woman the man or his daughter or other, but felt that the lack of anything it is an event that occurs.
and saw that it was true hearing is evidence of his understanding and his knowledge and his health, religion and belief.
and saw that it was deaf, it is corruption in his religion.
It felt that his half ear, the his wife die.
It felt that his ear cut off the man deceives his wife or his daughter, the back ear properly as they were, they Ttopan and mend his ways commanded.
It felt that he ate dirt ears it is cohabiting with the young men cohabiting couples.
It felt that his ear and the one it dies soon. Saw the ring in his ears as if he married his daughter, commenting and giving birth to his son, and it was said that the ear is religion, it is felt that beast showed his vision of his ears something to infidelity, and many saw it adhaan gallery on the right do not accept it. It was If a person sees that he has a beautiful adhaan Michaklh heard the good news, and were not heard Michaklh pretty bad news.
It felt as if his ears in the eyes it blinded. And it was said of him that saw it many adhaan Mahmoud those who wanted to have a man obey such as women, children and the Mamluks, and the rich, for they indicate the good news come upon them if the prayer is nice, but it is ugly news. The Mamluks and the holders discounts defendants, they show that the bondage lasts, the permits and obey, and show the plaintiff that the judgment he has.


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