Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If you eat a human in a dream in a pot hated Kaaina silver or gold Fidel on excessive debt, and eating among the people desire. Chewing and swallowing what shows leniency in earnings and employment. Chewed and swallowed what shows on the debt and accelerate the term, it is impossible to taste better than what is indicated by the inward, and impossible to bitterness or acidity indicates that the change couples and business. Eat with his right hand he followed the year, and eat with his left hand obeyed his enemy and his friend, GAVI, and takes in the hands of other livelihood Tocla and chastity, and perhaps disease and was unable to approach his hand. The eating of the color of a nasty degenerated, and eat pumpkin evidence of the guidance and the following year, and business acumen.
It is believed that the other invited him to lunch showed his vision on the travel distance, invited him to eat the rest of it is fatigue. Invited him to dinner, the con man and he plotted to deceive him before it is.
It is believed that eating food and Anhim it is keen to pursue in his craft.
It is believed that eating meat itself it ate the money and Mknuzh. Eat the flesh of the other, it was raw Igtabh or backbite about someone else. The meat was cooked or roasted, it eats other money.


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