Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If whites were in the position or in a pot it shows women or neighborhood. It is believed that the Djajtah Badt generates his son. The thought that eating raw eggs it eats haram money, or commit adultery, or fall ill, they are. And if he sees his wife with his hand, the eggs become dead meat. And if he sees that his wife gives birth to a son they Badt an infidel, if he sees that he Ahdhan chicken eggs from broiler Venagaft Faihaa is something that is dead, may be obstructed, and generates a born believer.Perhaps the number of kids alive broiler. The beaten eggs and strike his wife was pregnant, he wants to marry his neighbors can not. Saw that the eggs have much money has the comfort and fear corruption. Ongoing and parrots eggs and pious.
It felt that his eggs boiled it fixes it is prolonged and obstructed, and obtain money to repair it, and live is something that is dead, the grammarians eat money or a woman went to extremes in it, eat it, the woman marries rich. Crane eggs and poor children.
It felt that he was given an egg born to him was born Sharif, the egg is broken and his son died.
It felt that it eats eggshells man dig the graves and take away the dead. Eggs and a lot of single marriage, and married children. Of eggs and young adult sons and daughters. And white indicates the gold and silver, Fbaadh silver, gold yolk. And white indicates that children, husbands, and slaves, and perhaps indicates that the graves.
and perhaps Del eggs to meet with family, relatives and loved ones.
and perhaps indicated by the collection of dirhams and dinars and saved.
It felt eggs burn in place also burn manure, it indicates that the captivity of women that place.



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