El Gouna

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


El Gouna

Is a human being in a dream the secrets people keep, and preserve their deposits, and Iemanm fine. El Gouna and the server stores the funds. The show of a prostitute and interpretation of each jar on the lineage, which is love and Zeer, which shows the values ​​of house or his shop or warehouse, and his pregnant wife. And water bladders function as indicated by the Zeer. And Akhabah free woman, and drinking of capital utilized, it is considered that drew water and poured it in the jar to defraud money deposited by a woman. Wine jar and injury treasure, and love the water if it is a rich woman Mgmoma. Though the water in the waterwheel love it man many many money spend in the way of Allah. And love if the vinegar is a man of devout, and if it is a sick man Kamaj.
It felt jar broke his hand divorced his wife.



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