Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is the outlandish king in a dream Mohab, Blade holder heart weights, Arif war and fighting. Villa rode it in a dream, or his contact with authority, and obtained high status, and lived a long and at the height of the elevation. It rode a villa in the day his wife divorced, and perhaps treachery and cunning treachery and went back and forced upon him, says {Have you not seen how thy Lord! the owners of the elephant .And the elephant in a dream a man cursed. The Villa rode it at night above the king and be overwhelmed by a huge tight. But felt that he rode Bsrj obey it, a married daughter of a huge outlandish, but the greater the merchant trade. The elephant saw that it was milking it plotted a huge king and receive money from him solver. It was said that the elephant king much grace and generosity, generosity, patience, politeness and soft side. Felt that the trunk got hit good and blessing. The Ministry received his knees and state. Elephant and demonstrates the righteous tribes, scientists and the supervision of the people, and demonstrates the hardships and misery and fatigue. But felt that the elephant killed in the town of the king die or be killed.
It is believed that the elephant is threatened, that indicates the disease, and the speech took place beneath it, and the owner of the vision die. And if she had seen women so this is not evidence good as you saw him.
It felt that speak to the elephant received from the king a lot of good but felt that the elephant was followed ran won damaging of his property and that the woman saw it sitting in Villa it guide her death and express elephants in years.
and saw that it was behind a villa in war it perish.
and saw that it was eating the flesh of an elephant hit the money from Sultan, as well as that of its members or taken from the skin or bones. There is nothing good in the vision of the elephant to the people of righteousness and piety. If it was felt the elephant out of the country where the plague is still with them.
It felt that he was killed Villa conquer a man Oagamaa.
and saw some people riding elephants and they were in a war they are powerless.
and perhaps Del ride the elephant on the injustice and lies.
It felt villa accept from one town to another, it Sultan moves from one town to another



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