enter the house and the other

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


enter the house and the other

Saw in a dream of his governors entered the house of a man overwhelmed by it on worldly affairs.
It felt that it entered the house of the imam, and settled and reassured, it is beyond reasonable properties in his command. And the entry to the place of the Imam of Justice indicates that the descent of blessing and justice in it. Although the imam unfair Vdjulh corruption and misfortunes, though he had used to enter that place does not matter.
It felt that he entered Paradise he enters, God Almighty, and that Bishara him by what was presented to him or offer any good.
It felt that he had entered hell and he went out of them, that he sees those who commit sin and sins, a harbinger of Andhirh to repent and return. And it was said of the income of hell, whether infidel or believer, hit by fever and lacked the prison, though logistically came large, or within the infidels and ungodly, and it was said that entry into heaven for the pilgrim evidence that it is an argument, and up to the Kaaba, and that was a kaafir becomes Muslim, though insured patients recovered from his illness, but get rid of the infidels infidel, though a bachelor, he married, though poor, sacked, and inherits a legacy. It entered a house in an unknown building, soil, position, and parents, and the individual for the role, especially if he sees the dead he knew it Hereafter it dies, the income and got out, it is verging on death, and survive.
It felt himself in the afterlife and was sick led to safe sound of the temptations of this world and its evils, though not a patient is gospel as much as his work from the Hajj or Jihad or asceticism or worship or the knowledge or charity or link or the patience of the calamity.
It felt that he would enter the Hereafter and see what where the vision of one who was good-effective to do the knowledge and capacity, and indicates the unemployment and harmful, and he was afraid or worried or afraid, and went in distress worry and distress, and saw that it was returned from the afterlife after entering it, it comes back from exile to his country. If after the time indicated that he remains in exile. And the entry of Mecca in a dream of Asi repentance, and for the infidel Islam, and the single girl, though Mkhasma seer on his victory in the Del Mkhasamth, which indicates he entered Mecca on the security of fear. It entered the Maqam Ibrahim, peace be upon him and was afraid the security of, and may enter the place indicated on his position as King of Galilee, or address for the benefit of science, or inherit the inheritance from his father or his mother. And enter the house and the Holy Mosque evidence of Bride entering the house. This is indicated on the entry of the Grand Mosque Security sincerity of fear and promise. And to enter the market in the discretion of earning a living. And access to the house indicates the intention of marriage. And access to the mosque, the resignation of sins. And access to the corruption of the church debt.


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