Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Evaporation of the human incense in a dream indicates the good people cohabiting.The burner is owned by the owner of the writer receives praise Well, the good and praise good originally. It was is the death of the patient directory. And spices, perfume and smoking with praise for the risk of smoke. The Amber Universal access to capital on the one hand an honest man. The musk and all the blackness from the good Kalqrnfel it is a sign of pleasure, and crushed praise is good.
and saw that it was strutting won profitable and good, and Swagger rich to the poor.
and perhaps Del incense on science and religion, or the charity of publicity, or Bartal, or reconciliation with adversaries, or service heroes, or show secrets, and disclosure is in the subconscious, or grain to the people and cajole them, and perhaps indicated by love. Incense and wills in a dream to compel the enemy, and insist on the envious, and security from fear, and healing of diseases, and the Abolition of magic, and bring for a living.



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