Exhuming a vision

Interpretation of Al zahri


Exhuming a vision

Of the opinion that dig graves, it kind of drilling, but also provides interpretation that come in this thing is, it is felt that unearth the tomb of one of the saints and the righteous Mojtahd it in his own way, but the behavior is not the shrine of drilling.

It felt: that one of the graves of people, whether good or Nhsa Mojtahd it in the behavior and what was the route of his own way.

It felt: that dig for it Mojtahd his body in the request for this world, something Zafar received his need, and the opposite is not received.

It felt: something of the animal in his house, dig it Fleihdhirh enemy.

It felt: people dig in a place does not require digging it asks difficult. It was the vision of digging to get word of an extinct, may have been diligent in command, and God knows best.


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