Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



If the lid is free of pain, that Mahmud of all people, especially for women. If the eyelids little meat, and they indicate where the sores on a cloud and sorrow. And eyelids function as Atouky a person of a weapon, and on each of the blocks for human harm.
and perhaps indicates the eyelids to the brothers and sisters, husbands and children, and valves door and the Fund, and the Treasury and the veil, and the guards and servants, and Katmi secrets and employers of deposits, and the disease and anger.The couples shown on the eyelids eyelid was top male and female lower lid, and is generated between them and other Rmus, which is evidence of the child. And two of the hair evidence intact motivation to harm, and Vhassanhma Anagaahma Alamh proof of the well-being of the eyelids showed it. She likened the eyelids and tears rain clouds. And indicate the patient’s eyelids adoration of the seer. If shown an eye on the money was his fort eyelids.


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