Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is the religion of a man in a dream and vision that he sees the guidance and misguidance.
It felt many eyes in his body increase it in religion and righteousness. But felt that he noticed a man askance and it Icaedh grudge it. And if he sees that his eyes he is sodomized with an iron jacket and they bestowed great. The split in his stomach and his stomach felt heretic eyes, it says {what God made ​​a man of two hearts in his stomach} . The eye saw on his shoulder a man or beast, it affects the eye Gbea money. Religion and black eye, eye Chlae violation of religion, and religion in the blue eye heresy, and eye green religion violates the religions. Unit Basra welcome to all people, and his weakness shows his need for money, because money is like the eye.But felt his eyes Zhbta his children died. Though vanquished he will find who takes his hand. If he saw who wants to travel or who is in the book of Fidel that does not return home.
It felt that his eyes kind of another human being, that indicates to go blind and that the other guide him the way.
It felt that his eyes landed in his lap he died his brother and his son, and the like. The human eye or a beloved son or his religion, it is seen with his eyes Rmda is a lack of religion, and blindness reported in the shortfall. The King appointed a spy, and the eye express Sergeant, and reflect into the water, is of the opinion that he heals his eyes, it fit his religion, or fit his money.
It felt that his sight one and stronger than thought, the Srerth in religion is better than Alanath.
is of the opinion that a particular whiter Faisiba sadness, or die from the selection below him, but was worried I go God worry and distress, and saw with his eyes blue it criminal.
and saw that it was eating was appointed a man he eats his money, and saw that his eyes have no cilia, it is wasted God’s laws and religion, the Ntfha rights, the enemy expose him. But felt that his eyes turned white Ochwer indicated by the disease.
and possibly shown to the vision of the eye Maliha magic, death and life, or at all parents, relatives, or children. And the eye are aware of the derivation eye obituary. If he had a son or a wife or lover patient woke up from a disease, though an infidel safest, albeit a poor sacked.
and maybe look up at the Del characters of adversity. The eye moved to the place of the body is indicated by the scourge. And obscure the evidence of eye solutions punishment from God. The right eye shows the Son and the left hand on the girl, and the speck in the eye indicates the iPod. But felt a particular red afflicted rage or anger to the event viewer for it.
It felt that his eye gouged him Vinqta Born is the apple of his eye. Vqe eye and a long life in a dream.
and perhaps Del rip an eye on the calamity.


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