Seeing The face In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The face In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The face In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi face

If I saw him in a dream Well, it shows the well-being in this world and the gospel and pleasure. If I saw black it shows who has the Gospel of the female is pregnant, says{And if one female under the human face is Msauda Kzim} . Yellowish face and show humility and envy, may be Cefrth hypocrisy. It was Cefrth show of worship, says{shave their heads in their faces from the traces of prostration} . In a yellow faces.
is of the opinion of the Abyssinians and the Negroes and the white face is evidence of hypocrisy. The flesh of his cheeks felt it went asking people not only live issue. In the hadeeth «the question is still Bahdkm until he meets God, and in the face Mzaah meat» . The saw in his face or the darkness of corruption Aauajjaja indicated his religion or lack of merit. The blue saw his face it a criminal, says {And We shall gather the criminals that Day Zarqa} . But felt his face black, it indicates to the high lying, or at the most recent fad in religion. Though his face is indicated by a significant and merit.
and possibly shown on the yellow face of love and love. The woman saw it and her face blackened soot is the death of her husband, although she saw it, Salah wear perfume for her and her husband. And fluency face and Tbasmh and laying evidence of well-being of its owner whether living or dead.
It felt that his two faces in a dream indicates that a bad end, for saying peace be upon him «do not consider God to a double-sided» .
It felt that it faces is indicated by converting from Islam, says {And the angels strike their faces} .
and perhaps Del darkening the face of fear. And cracking of the face indicates the lack of modesty. And in the face Alsmajh drawback drawback Smajh. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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