Seeing The Falcon In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Falcon In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Falcon In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi Falcon

Is in a dream was born a male and a high degree majestic Sultan Sharif Azloum.
It is believed that the hawk has wrath followed him a brave man. The falcon shows a man with strength and unjust oppression.
and saw a hawk it receives booty, as well as each animal catch it, it has created for hunting and after prize. Indicates falcon splendor and power and victory over enemies and achieve the hopes, and demonstrates to the children, husbands, and the Mamluks, and money, health and relief of concerns, and perhaps indicated by the death to seize life, indication of the prison, too little in the restaurant.

Falcon: A falcon in a dream represents a thief, might, victory over one’s enemy, satisfying one’s purpose, love to have many children, marriage, slaves, mis-tresses, precious stones, health, relief, or it could mean love to travel. A falcon in a dream also means cessation of life, capture, hunting, shackles, imprison-ment, ties, etcetera. If it appears well trained, obedient and responsive in the dream, it means walking in the company of an important person who is surrounded with an impressive entourage. If one sees a falcon flying and gathering a flock of falcons in a dream, it means building an army. A falcon in a dream also represents an intelligent man who claims importance and dignity, though he is unjust. If one receives or holds a falcon in a dream, it means that he will bear a son who will become a very important person of his time. If one happens to be a politician, it means that he will gain greater advancements in his life. Ifthe falcon flies away in the dream, it means that one will lose his seat but retain his fame. If one catches few feathers of a falcon in a dream, it means that some power will remain in his hand and serve his interests. Slaughtering a falcon in a dream means the death of a king or a ruler. Eating falcon’s meat in a dream means a financial endowment given by a ruler. If one kills a falcon inside his house in a dream, it means that he will capture a thief. If a falcon flies away from under one’s chair in a dream, it means that he will walk in the company of a person whose earnings are unlawful. (Also see Indian falcon; S akr)

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision of Falcon

The Falcon construed aspects of it:

It is felt that hit the hawk fisherman Mtauaa it has in the state where the Unjust and spoil his religion, but felt otherwise Vtobeirh against him, and may affect a child does not reach the amount of men, and if he was brutal, it indicates the refractory born .

It felt: he grabbed a hawk and caught him, it shows the injustice of his King.

It felt: that the king gave him the hawk which is attributed to the king catch it connects him to serve the king and gets his glory and tidy and infringe on others.

It felt: that the hawk hunts Vomskh it overpowers a man of pride, and he gains it.

It felt: he grabbed the hawk did not Astd it by kicking a boy.

It felt: he eats his flesh if his son grew up and gets him from the pain and discomfort.

It felt: that the Falcon Otabh it shows the anger of a brave man it.

In all, the vision of Falcon construed five aspects: an honest man with the prestige and policy and the strength of a man and thief who commits acts ugly at night and unjust king and a man of high and a son. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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