Seeing The Fall In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Fall In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The Fall In The Dream Interpretation by Ibne serin Fall: Falling in a dream means despair or disappointment, or it could mean a mistake that cannot be covered. Falling in a dream also means changing conditions from good to bad, or a marriage failure and changing of spouse. It also means changing profession, country or religion. Falling in a dram also projects the reverse effects and produces positive results ifwhat one falls over is pasture, or ifhe falls upon a good community or to join a banquet or the like effects, then it may have a positive meaning. On the other hand, falling into the hand of a bad company, or into a beast’s den, etcetera, means evil consequences, or it could mean stinginess. Ifone sees himself falling down from the roof of his house, and ifhe breaks an arm or a leg in the dream, then it reflects a psychological distress, adverse financial conditions, breaking of a friendship or it may mean suffering from persecution by the local authorities. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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  1. asssalmu-alaikum iam having the dream of my teeth fallig free frequently since many years please can you let me know hwta does it indicate.or help with a book name which has the this information.

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