teeth falling out dream

Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi

fall of teeth

Shows in a dream along without his counterparts in old age. And if he sees that all his teeth fell he lives living for a long time. But felt that all his teeth fell no longer seen by the people of his home before dying or sick.
It is believed that the upper teeth fell into his hand he becomes the capital, and landed in his lap is a male child, and fell to the ground it is a disaster death.
It is believed that the teeth Lower down, it affects and hurts and pain and the two mines.It was the religion of his teeth fell if in a dream, it indicates that he spends his religion. But felt that we are not one of his teeth fell Vanha spend all his debts at once. And that all his teeth fell and die all of the home and friends.
It felt that the teeth had taken a fall in his hand, that indicates the death of children. And it was said of the fall of the saw teeth is indicated harmful to some of his friends. But felt that it fell Tnath benefit a son or a brother or sister. Age and the fall of the one that was untreated and taken his hand, the carrier came to him he had a son, and except for a brother or a relative had been made. And it was said that the fall of the teeth indicates the obstacle that may prevent what he wants. And it was said is a testament to eliminate debt.The taking what fell from the teeth may make a mistake and spoke regret it and mute.
and possibly tooth loss is indicated to employers on the need Majahdat scratch.
It felt that the teeth had fallen and could not eat it lacks.

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