Seeing The farewell In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The farewell In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The farewell In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi farewell

In a dream indicates the disappearance of the job, or divorce the wife, or the death of the patient, or out of the country to the other, or workmanship to the other, whether it is the seer of the applicant or the applicant.
It felt as if it is his wife filed divorce her. And it was said that the farewell shows the paradox of the death of the depositor or other causes of separation. Indicates the departure of the two partners Altdaa, and the isolation of the governor, and the loss of the merchant. Some of them said The beloved farewell in interpretation, which is indicative of the absolute review, reconciliation and partner, and the trader’s profit, and return to the state governor, and to cure the patient and that even includes a farewell to the word of tenderness and comfort. It was If a person sees in a dream, like a hand of peace and reason, that those who hear poorly, and anyone who says so, because people are not filed each other only at the irony, and when unemployment, and at bedtime.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin

Farewell: The suggested element contained in bidding farewell in a dream entails ultimate comfort. Wishing someone the best at parting means loss of status or job, divorce, death of a sick person, breaking of a partnership, loss in business, migrating from one country to another, or in general it could mean the reversal of one’s conditions. On the other hand, it is said that bidding farewell in a dream also means marriage reconciliation, or the changing of one’s conditions for the better. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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