Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is in a dream the whole cloud, except for oil. It is felt that for the head, distressed if the amount exceeded and Sal. But not exceeding the amount is known decoration.The skunk smelled it as much praise on the ugly smell and strength. The fat man’s head in the position of denying the object should beware of the actor lubricity and subtle. And if he sees that he has a fat bottle of which he took paint and painted by the same or fat people do it or unctuous Halv gossip or a liar. And if he sees that his face painted it a fast lifetime, and Altdhen mercury praise good and Wind good in people, and if the fat in a dream of a tumor or pain, it shows reconciliation, anointing virosa praise ugly, and it was said of a prostitute or immoral man. The fat contained in a pot with water received money without fatigue. Though in keeping fat is good or praise what is not good in it. And it was said of it is flattering his fat boss.

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