Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Dream interpretation by Ibne serin



In a dream is money. Perhaps the feathers of Shri Alastakkak.
and perhaps Del feathers on the prestige, because it is said So and so flew other wing.
and perhaps Del feathers on the house of the implant. The arrowheads indicate the feathers. The covering of feathers.

Vision of feathers

 Feathers are good and benefit of the principality and was told as much abundance.

 It felt: that stuffing feathers in the pleasures of a woman marry it Vlienbar what Hachah to interpret. It was the vision of feathers among accrue money obtaining hardship and fatigue, and said blades are eaten his flesh old money and what is not eaten is haraam wealth.

The vision of what takes place of feathers, each type is in order and interpret door as we have mentioned in the wool and the other, it saw something of that which we have mentioned Vlatalbh and God knows best .

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