Seeing The fever In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fever In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fever In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi fever

Indicate in a dream to spend the religion because it constitutes kufr of sins, and perhaps indicated by the vows and threats. If indicated by the religion perhaps religion was three hundred and sixty dirhams, and fever one day expiation years, and the year three hundred and sixty days.
and possibly shown on clothing venerable that was cool at the time of the summer, or was hot in the winter.
and perhaps indicates fever on the concern of spouses or children or partners.Achievement and promise of fever, because they all believe in fortune from the fire. It is a dream you see in the overheated, it is engaged in mischief in his religion. The Angel of Death Messenger of fever and a warner to him, what is fit between him and God, saw that it was the refrain of every day it is Egypt’s sins, the guilt of Ham GBA, it had been punished and repented him of it. Ham, the quarter has been punished and repented repeatedly. And Navd compromise, Alsalb hasten to falsehood.
and saw that it was frantically died or shroud it is Egypt’s guilt or felony or Ajtra to God, that harbinger of him to repent.
and saw that it was frantically Fatoul years old, and healthy body, and a lot money, and defraud people in it, and resort to it.
and fever may indicate the bath enter seer Fanalh anguish and thirst. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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