Seeing The finger In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The finger In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The finger In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi finger

Is assigned to the human being on this world in its industry. The finger in the interpretation of children, husbands, fathers, mothers, and the king of money. It is felt that his fingers increased well-Del on the increase as we have mentioned, and the lack thereof is indicated by the lack of. And maybe cut or interrupted utility in a dream we are unable to benefit fathers or mothers or children, or that the money goes, or die Dawaba, or hang his property, or Teixd industry.
and may indicate the fingers to the Vice-King are different in their rank and welfare of.
and saw that it was biting his fingers in a dream, if a patient died.
It felt that his fingers cut off, or went from the scourge of weakness in the Asakereh or his children or relatives or acquaintances.
and may indicate the fingers on the five daily prayers, Valabham to become, and the index finger for the back, the middle of the era, and the ring finger of Morocco, and the pinky for dinner, and was told Central to become what is recommended in which the radius, and the ring finger for the back, Pinky and the age for it is the last day, the prayer was made ​​finger nails enacted or banal. Though the fingers were nails Zakat money, though the fingers were recruited nail down their arms and numbers. And holding the fingers holding the funds, and fingers of days or months or years.
and may indicate the fingers on the children of brother and that brother shoulder and fingers like a children’s money.
and saw a man cut his finger, it may cause harm to his property. What happened in the fingers of the goodness or the supposed corruption of the ratio of prayers or to a brother. And the length of the fingers indicates an increase in greed, and if he sees a finger increased with his fingers is an increase in his relatives or in his prayers or his knowledge, but felt that one of his fingers moved to another position, it delays the prayer until the time of the other.
It felt that he clasped his fingers together, it brings together at a time and one of his prayers, and perhaps his relatives met him in command consult and cooperate. It was said that networking is the work of the fingers of the hand tight. It was said It shows the company or the affinity and Almaakedh, and perhaps indicates that the repeal movements and distracted from prayer, and it was said that the fingers of the right hand are the five daily prayers, and limited evidence on the negligence and laziness in, and length of shows to keep the prayers, and the fall of one of them shows the left prayer.
It felt like a human being bitten Lebanon indicates that sustained the bite on bad behavior.
It felt like coming out of his thumb and index finger milk he drinks the blood of them initiate it or his wife or her sister. And bang the fingers indicate the occurrence of ugly words of his relatives. The Imam saw an increase in the fingers indicates that the increase in the greed and injustice and lack of fairness. The fingers of the left hand the children of brother and sister. Hemoglobin and fingers with henna guide men to the high praise, and the fingers of women with henna dye shows on the charity of her husband to it, it felt as if it did not prove Khaddptha hemoglobin, the husband does not show her love. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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