Seeing The fire In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fire In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fire In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi fire

Are in a dream Bishara and warning, and the war and suffering, and the Sultan and imprisonment, and loss and the sins it saw a fire and have a spark and have a voice and the noise they sedition perish in a world of people.
and saw a fire in his heart, That love a winner and oppression of the abandonment of his beloved.
and saw two fires, they Askaran. The more high-fire smoke is the most terrifying and punishment. It stoked a fire in a dark night to give the people the way to guide the note received by the people, and Oqdha of darkness, it is in heresy. It was said that if was seen fire during the day are evidence of war and strife.
and saw that it was worshiped fire, he loves war, and was probably obey the devil in his sin.
It felt that Astala fire in the winter it receives richer.
It felt that eats fire, it eats the wealth of orphans unjustly or eat money is haraam.
It felt he sold and bought a fire committee, it sells bath and buy orchard and vice versa.
It felt people will enter Hell and tortured, it loses money or commits sins requires the fire. It hit him in the fire did not burn him Bmuadh.
It is believed the fire had burned a bit of grain it exaggerate its price. Catastrophe of the Holocaust and the fire from the Sultan.
is of the opinion of the governors that he kindles a fire is extinguished and it cuts off his fire subsided.
It felt the flame of a fire on the door of the smoke, it is indicated on the pilgrimage.And fire in the fingers indicate the injustice of the scribes. And cease-fire in the injustice in the workmanship.
saw a fire and eat all you come from. Him and they have a tremendous voice of war or plague or smallpox or death is there. But felt she stepped up into the sky to the people of that place had fought God by committing sins.
and saw a fire burned some of his clothes, or some of its members Vtsiba calamity.
and saw that it was afflicted glow of the fire, it is located in the tongues of the people and Igtabonh. Fire and security of useful light and near afraid of the Sultan.
and saw a fire got out of his home state or trade.
It felt that his fire beam of light from the east to Morocco, it is little science in the East and Morocco. Even saw a fire shone from his head and has a light and beam and was his wife was pregnant and I was born a boy to prevail and have said great.
It felt that ignites the fire in the top of a mountain it is to draw closer to God Ottqdy his needs and that was absent back unscathed.
It felt in the skirt a fire lighted, and was married to the with his wife. And fire in the desert war. The coals taken from the center of the fire, it affects the haraam money from the Sultan. It sparked a fire in people sign them enmity and hatred. It shone from his severe illness afflicted fire.
is of the opinion that in the midst of the fire can not find them free, honest and win it for sure and nail over his enemies.
and saw a fire extinguished Vtskn sedition. The fire was in a country that is the death of its president or her world, and are off in his garden is his death. The fire may have shown lineage because they were created from fire toxins, and probably showed drought and locusts.
It felt the fire talking in a jar or near the afflicted of the Jinn epilepsy. And fire indicate harmful to the Sultan and that the unjust people benefited by just shown to the Sultan.Indicate the fire in the winter on the fruit because people say the fire winter fruit. And eat fire indicates the eating and drinking forbidden in pots such as gold and silver.
and perhaps indicated by the Abidha. As well as light and darkness. Dream Interpretation in Islam


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