Seeing The fish In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fish In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fish In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi fish

Is in a dream if number is known it is women, and that number is not known is the money and the spoils. The whale is the Minister of the King, The King of the sea and fish Soldiers of the King. If the fish alive is evidence of ongoing tender virgin.
and saw that it was a great catch fish, this indicates that the benefit and good. And fish soft chaff is a good sign for those who want Trick. Brown and fish is a good sign for those who wanted to marry. And dead fish in the sea within the evidence shows the poor and please do not be.
It felt a fish in his bed is bad evidence is going in the sea or those who were sick. It caught fish from the muddy water are very afflicted.
is of the opinion that eating fish alive was the king. The fish was eating salty hit by severe. It was said that if it reaches the fish had four women, and if it is more than four trophies and money. And fried fish indicates the answer call, and was grilled fish travel in seeking knowledge.
and saw that it was bought from ichthyosis thick it is going to buy or marry a woman.The fish was sweet moves from the sea to the sea salt, and fish of the sea salty to sweet moves indicates that the hypocrisy. And small and large fish shows interest Balavrah and grief. The sky came down to him from grilled fish Vbasharh his supplication, and the response of his victory over his enemies and high ability.
and perhaps see the fish shown on the worry and bile and disease. Dream Interpretation in Islam

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