Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi


Is in a dream man and women tend to cheat in their petition.
and perhaps Del hunter or a slaver on the bathroom or teacher of the book. The Sultan is a great hunter of wild animals and wily con sultans. And Hunter buzzards and hawks and great Albwahq Sultan. Bird hunter and a man who plotted dealer supervision and con people. And hunter monsters plotted Boqguam Oaajm. Fisherman and collector of women and slaves. And see the show on the nail Almiad Balgrme.

Interpretation of Al zahri


Vision of fisherman

Fisherman and a man who interpreted eke a living in deceit and deception, and may be gained by women to beat them.

And the vision of vultures hunter of monsters and birds construed unjust king invincible darkness and senior companions.

And the vision of fisherman living interpret the request on the women to be able to fish.

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