Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Fishing in a dream indicates the booty, it is considered that hunted deer or a rabbit or a loud or a monster donkey booty and received the money. And if he sees it. Threw a bird or a cow for it’s fishing or shooting a woman in progress.
It is believed that the hunting dogs out to the fishing, it is good for all people, and that he saw feedback from fishing, they go to show panic, and he saw her entering the city, they show unemployment. Saw that it was the fish of the sea thicker soft sweet indicated the reason for seeking it. And fishing for men D Ahtealh opinion and effort, the bachelor, was married, and was married to a son and livelihood. And hunting al-proof intake from the wealth of his master. And hunting small demonstration of what keeps it from science or industry, or inherited from his parents. And trap fishing in a dream and cunning deception, and saw that he had signed into the trap occurred in cunning. The trap, Y and beast or bird it receives sustenance trick and cunning. [See hunting.

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