Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Is known in a dream is known, and the presidency. The flag or a scholar or Imam Zahid clever brave or generous rich, powerful or most exemplary. The red flag was the man to see what shows on the bed, though it is seen from a black flag Sadedda. And General Women’s pair.
It felt flags it rain, but it flags a black world, although the white is jealous not marry, though they are red it is war, though it was yellow, and B among the troops, though it is a green travel on land. But felt it would be guided by knowledge of its affairs and out of distress and sadness and open what has blocked it from his affairs and explain to him the chest. And it was said of the saw in a dream, became the banner of his country mentioned. If the woman saw that they were buried three brigades, they marry the supervision of three pairs of people are dying for. The flag in a dream marriage, and the holder was born male. The flag big wind and rain. The judge explains his flag, was carried from the student judiciary earned it. [See science, see General].

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