Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Are under way or in a dream boy, and was told it is a woman for saying peace be upon him {} Balquarir friendly , and the bottle does not save woman secretly, perhaps indicated by the disease, or the adulterous woman made. And a bottle of urine of a prostitute. And a bottle of wine maid reluctant to transfer the dead.
and perhaps shown flasks for men Almokhtlfa races, and perhaps showed bottles on the gossip, the access to secrets, and the people who do not meet them, nor affection.
It is believed that the bottle broke I went with him from his home sedition. The man said to me I saw yesterday that a man dead of our relatives said to me, handed me this bottle of wine which he drank them Venolth them, and then given them to me I told him that a pregnant woman supervises the death, and then healed, God willing.He said Yes, my sister was born, and was Supervisor of the death of the difficult birth in the open and then recovered.

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