Seeing The flies In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The flies In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The flies In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi flies

Is a man in a dream Taan Poor Poor despicable. What was in it Btonh money from a man despicable. Felt that the flies entered his stomach, it mixes with folk fools, and infects them money does not stay forbidden to him. The saw Zpapa fly over his head, he has promised to weak capacity and maliciousness, who wants to Istali it, by the President threatened the order, and panic of it, not Alarmed.
It felt that Zpapa signed him and he intended to travel does not come out of it.
It felt that eats flies it eat haraam wealth.
It felt that Zpapa in his mouth, the thieves are harboring him.
It felt that Zpapa fell on something of his money should beware on this thing from thieves.
It felt that a fly or a mosquito or Znbura or bee entered in the nose, it receives good and blessing and attributed and the State of .
It is believed to have killed a fly got comfort and health is of the opinion that Zpapa frequently met at his house, they enemies, see them distasteful. If the traveler and the occurrence of flies on his head he went his money. And flies bitter enemy and the army is weak, and probably indicates that their livelihood on the good, and probably indicates that the drug is by the disease, and perhaps see it shown on the bad business, or falling into what requires to chastise them.

Interpretation of Al zahri

Vision flies

 Kirmani said: flies interpret the weak people, it is felt that it carries something of which carries a man weak.

 It felt: fly entered the throat or stomach Adakhl it affects a man weak and a little of it good, and was interpreted by man flies not his mettle and flies a lot predominance.

 It felt: to fly into his nose or in the eye or in the mouth it shows on the charity of Elan despicable person.

 It felt: that fly into it to get in his ear words of despicable person and hear it pains him to say. It was the vision of a man who flies devolve a little envious of opinion and the measure, it is considered that the flies biting his body, it indicates the envy of the group Sfielh envy the people of his home and his relatives.

 It felt: it eats Zpapa it shows enemy makrooh for money and grief.

 It felt: that something Zpapa signed him from his fear of thieves.

 It felt as if he Zpapa income in his ear and it affects the state of grace, and said Neil flies comfort and health of the body.

 It felt: that the dip Zpapa food it follows a year or he should have the wisdom to say peace be upon him: if there is any one of you in a vessel flies Vlegmesh all the wings in a disease in the other drug.

 It felt: Zpapa that occurred in his food he lifted his hand that he did not eat construed Itakerh of loved one because of the Vil for that, and he said some of the poets:

If there is … flies on food raised my hands and my desire

And avoid the Black Rod and the water … if the dogs and the Lagan Dream Interpretation in Islam

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