Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Indicate his vision in a dream to play and play and sedition, and perhaps indicated by the joys and delights.
It felt that his flute was one of the people reading obtained fortunate where, for saying peace be upon him in the right of Abu Musa «We have Otte woodwind instrument of the Psalms of David» . And flutes Naúhh.
It is believed that the king gave him a flute won the state that was from her family, and joy, if not its people.
It felt that it pipes it to learn the Quran and its meaning and improves the read.
It felt that his flute of gold pipes it is the spread of wisdom that was wise. A patient’s death, and _mez gossip, and demanded the boy was born. [See cliques, and see the reeds.

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