Seeing The fountain In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fountain In The Dream Interpretation

Seeing The fountain In The Dream Interpretation by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi fountain

What is in a dream Etovah human depravity. If it is asked where the pond is a pond.The fountain may be shown to a beautiful woman, the money was in the fountain is a rich woman. But around the property and real estate are served and the children of the same, perhaps demonstrated who is ready to fulfill needs. If not the water is a poor woman does not benefit them or is a woman sterile.
and possibly shown on the fountain of immorality and anguish when the people of that house or the store.

Fountain: In a dream, a fountain placed in a suitable place or as a decorative item in the middle of a yard or a park represents honor, dignity, dispelling worries or adversities, hearing good news or listening to good music, squandering money, dispersal of one’s interests, breaking a gathering, or adding and sub-tracting if seen near an accountant. A fountain in a dream also means avoiding evil actions. If one is told that such a fountain is a blessed one in the dream, it means the opposite, and should one wash himself with its water or drink from it in a dream, it means depression and trouble. A fountain in a dream also could represent a beautiful, rich and a noble woman. If no water is coming from the fountainhead in the dream, then it represents a poor woman or a barren woman.

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