Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of a dream that he saw in on a Friday, Allah Almighty brings sporadic affairs, and borne from hardship to ease, he got the blessing. The view that people are praying the Friday prayers in the mosque which is in his home or his shop zoom in and hear the sound of bowing, prostrating and tashahhud and delivery, and thought that people had returned from prayer, was to isolate those football ones. And if he sees it preserves the dignity of prayer, it attributed the gain. And it was said of the view that on Friday he is thought to do good.
and saw that it was prayed Friday it travels travel declining, the virtue of money and livelihood bestowed, that has that prayer, it was connected with authority, it affects something, or ask him to need to succeed.
It felt prayed Friday that it is to him what he wants and what has hoped for. And the Friday prayer in a dream evidence of joy and pleasure, and witnesses holidays and seasons, Hajj or meeting Bhabib, and eliminate the need required.

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