Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Jah is in a dream man in the people and ordered him into force. Saw the break of the defect or other, it is a decrease in the prestige of the relevance and effectiveness of his command. It saw an increase, such as coconut or less or more generates a son reigns of his household.
It felt as if his forehead with an iron or copper or stone, that Mahmoud police and Alsoqh.
It felt Front other narrow narrower than it was, worse manners of that person after gracious, and he saw a wider than it was a fool after the person became the mind, and yet ignorant of science.
and perhaps indicates the front on the avarice and generosity. Saw the blackened forehead indicates that the avarice and the prevention of the rights of God Almighty.And good front and the light is evidence of the spending and sympathy.
and perhaps indicates the front on the prostrate man was of a carpet or other, it became an iron or stone is evidence of diligence in prayer, or insolence.
It felt in the forehead wound or ulcer it is excessive in his prayer, or who does not complement the prostration.

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