Dream analysis by Shykh abdul ghani nabalsi



Of the saw in a dream that he prayed the funeral, it Aaakhi some people in God and it was said that the funeral man a hypocrite, to destroy his bad people. Saw that it was the subject of the casket, not one holds it locked up, the pregnancy it follows the owner of the Sultan, and obtain money from him, and benefit from it. The follow funeral it follows the Sultan corrupt religion.
It is considered that the coffin of the fields covered his money.
and saw that it was carried on the shoulders of men afflicts the elevation and power, and the invincible people, and controls them, the wept upon the consequences are commendable, but did not weep upon Zmoh the end of his undesirable. If they called him good and commended him praise Well Fathmd consequences. But felt that the funeral is on the ground it is installed in the ship, and saw the funeral of moving in the air, the president or the world die, or die in a great man or weird in the way of pilgrimage or jihad. If a person sees many funerals placed in the position of his family, the wide coverage fornication and adultery.
and saw that it was carrying hit the funeral money is haraam. The woman saw that she was dead and carried to the funeral, they marry, though she had a husband spoiled her religion, and if he sees a funeral in the market where it is the hypocrisy of luggage. And pregnancy over the coffin in a dream as the ability, or travel on land or sea.
and saw that it was common funeral, it indicates to bid farewell to the traveler, or seeking to comfort himself by the Del Dead Accordingly, the Almsheea the funeral gets carats of pay, attended the burial benefited Kiratin not count as much as carat and bone but Allah.

Dream interpretation by Ibne serin


Funeral: Joining the funeral prayers in a dream means fostering brotherhood with people on God’s path. Walking by a funeral procession in a dream is interpreted to represents a hypocrite who destroys or kills an evil person. Ifone sees himself laid in a coffin though no one carries it in a dream, it means that he will be imprisoned. If one’s coffin is carried by a group of people, it means that he will support and serve a man of authority, then collect a financial reward for his support. Involuntarily following a funeral procession in a dream means serving a non-religious person in authority. Sitting on top of a coffin in a dream means increase in one’s wealth. If one sees himself lifted and placed in a coffin in a


dream, it means that people will appoint him to a leadership position. Ifone sees a group of people performing a funeral prayers and crying over the loss of the deceased in a dream, it means that the conclusion of his life will be commendable. Otherwise, if they express no sorrow for his loss or cry over him, but instead criticize him in the dream, it means that the conclusion of his life will be contemptible. If a merchant, a governor or a leader sees himself sitting over a coffin that is moving freely by itself in the dream, it means taking a trip by sea. If one sees the coffin flying in a dream, it means that a great man of knowledge will die in that town and people will not know of it, or that a known person will die in a foreign land or on the way to or back from a pilgrimage. If a funeral reachs the cemetery in a dream, it means that people will surly regain their rights. If one sees a large number of coffins scattered in a specific locality in a dream, it means that the people of that community will break into violence, adultery and evildoing. Carrying a coffin in a dream means earning unlawful income. If a woman sees her own funeral in a dream it means that she will get married. If she is married, it means payment of her debts. A funeral crossing a marketplace in a dream means liquidation of merchandise. Paying tribute to a funeral in a dream means bidding farewell or paying respect to a travelling friend. Paying tribute to a passing funeral procession in a dream represents one’s concern for his own comfort. If the deceased in the coffin points at the person seeing the dream, it means that the latter will conduct his funeral, and he will receive a reward for his service. If he serves that funeral till the burial and the closing of the grave in a dream, it means that he will receive double that reward, the value of which reward is known only to God Almighty. (Also see Cemetery; Death; Funeral prayers)

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